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Curtain Poles and Tracks


We stock....

Nikola Poles

Available in antique brass, bright brass, graphite, chrome and satin silver.

  • 125cm/49 inches
  • 150cm/59 inches
  • 200cm/78 inches
  • 250cm/98 inches
  • 300cm/118 inches
  • 400cm/157 inches

Victory Wooden Poles

Available in antique pine, white and grey.

  • 120cm/4f
  • 150cm/5ft
  • 180cm/6ft
  • 240cm/8ft
  • 300cm/10ft

Wooden Poles

Available in white, cream, antique pine, light ash and chestnut.

  • 120cm/4ft
  • 150cm/5ft
  • 1180cm/6ft
  • 240cm/8ft
  • 300cm/10ft
  • 400cm/13ft



We also stock tracks by Deluxe, Superluxe, Harrison Drape and Sologlyde.


Black Venetian Blinds: sizes from 45cm to 180cm.

White PVC Venetian Blinds: sizes from 45cm to 180cm.

Aluminium Venetian Blinds: sizes from 60cm to 180cm.