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Hand Tools and Security


Locks, Hooks and Latches

To keep your belongings safe, you can trust our range of Egret locks by Securit. They come in a range of different sizes to accommodate all uses and boast a low, affordable price.
You can also buy sliding latches that are easy to fit and take a look at our range of our outdoor hooks and gate locks.
If there's something you want that we don't stock, you can always check to see if we can order it into the shop for you. You can find their available products on the link below.

Hand Tools

We have screwdrivers of all different sizes, manual saws, paintbrushes, rollers, big hammers, small hammers, measuring tapes, axes... Just ask us for it; we have all the usual tools and links to all the major suppliers (e.g. Toolbank, Rollins and Marshalltown).

We also have a handful of hard hats kept in stock for people working on bigger projects.